Eyvette and David Turner

I first met Ben Haynes in June 2013 on the recommendation of a friend to provide some advice on consolidating my Superannuation and to review my financial circumstances to plan for the future i.e. Retirement.
Being a single woman and needing to plan for my retirement, it was important that I could trust a financial planner to help me set up my finances for the long-term. Upon our first meeting, Ben was very professional and very knowledgeable about all aspects of financial planning; automatically I felt at ease discussing my finances. Not having a financial background, Ben explained things in a way that I could understand and I was very confident that the advice he gave would benefit my circumstances in the long term. There was no pressure to take the advice but all alternatives were given with the pros and cons outlined.
When organising my insurances we had some problems getting Trauma Insurance initially due to pre-existing conditions but Ben worked tirelessly to negotiate the best type of insurance for me and I was very thankful for this.
When I first met my now fiancée, he was too looking to review his finances and I did not hesitate to recommend Ben to him due to the positive experience I had. Dave had a complicated superannuation plan that needed exploring which Ben did without any qualms and also reviewed Dave’s retirement and insurance plans.
Then we got married and the situation changed; Ben analysed our combined risk profile and reviewed our consolidated finances and has set up a plan so we can retire together and still do the things we have always wanted to do before retirement.
Ben didn’t just look at insurances and superannuation but reviewed all aspects. He introduced us to a mortgage broker to re-finance my home loan and now I am saving a considerable amount on home loan payments, as well as setting up a budget so we can be debt free in 10 years. He also encouraged us to review our estate planning.
Ben doesn’t just look at one aspect of financial planning but reviews all things that can impact our lives. He is interested in us as people and cares for our personal circumstances; it’s not just about the business. He is diligent and follows things up when he says he will and is very trustworthy.
We are very grateful that we have met Ben and he has taken the time to provide us with the best financial advice taking into consideration our personal circumstances, consolidation of debts and future needs. We would not hesitate to recommend him to our friends.