What We Do

Wealth Creation

Building wealth doesn’t happen overnight. It takes dedication, determination and smart investments over the longer term. Our Wealth Creation strategies are designed to guide you down the path to financial freedom, starting with a budget, setting long term goals that can be broken down to smaller more attainable targets and allocate your excess funds accordingly. Our wealth coaching allows you to use your skills and expertise to earn an income, while using our skills and expertise to ensure you are getting the most out of your money.

Retirement Planning

We love helping you build wealth towards the ultimate goal – RETIREMENT… At Stratton Wealth Management, we not only help you build towards retirement, we then help with the transition. This involves moving all of your assets into the right place to provide a sustainable, tax effective income. We can also help you traverse the ever changing social security rules that you may face. Leave the planning to us and you can spend you time doing what you have always dreamed of doing.

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Other Services We Provide

Combining your Superannuation

Get Super off of your To Do List and let us help you finally do something about it

Reviewing your Life Insurance

Let us help you make sure you are protected but don’t go broke trying to pay for it

About Us

Stratton Wealth Management is owned and run by Ben Haynes.

Ben has been in the Financial Services Industry since 2005, providing financial advice to his clients since 2009. 

Ben has a Bachelors degree in Finance from Adelaide University,  a Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning and is a Certified Financial Planner, which is the highest financial planning designation world wide.

Ben was the winner of AMPFP's Adviser of the Year award in 2016 for the SA/NT region. 

What our clients say

Ben has been very helpful and so patient with old age pension for my parents.

My dad and mum love Ben and don’t stop talking about how lovely and helpful he has been.

Stan Kafantaris Stan Kafantaris

I would like to say that Ben Haynes is a friendly, welcoming guy with great attention to detail when planning my investment strategy for the next 10 years.

He was very thorough when giving me advice on how to plan for my retirement and gave me clear, precise advice in plain language that I could understand. This is very important to me as I need to have a very clear understanding of how my money will grow so that I can maintain my standard of living when I finish working.

I would happily recommend Ben to anyone I know as his professional, well informed, caring approach is a credit to him and makes me feel confident that he has my best interests at heart.

Annabel Sims Annabel Sims

I’m thrilled to be asked to say a few words about Ben Haynes.

Ben has been my financial planner for a number of years now & during that time, I have seen my personal superannuation fund grow steadily and reliably as he has steered me towards “transitioning into retirement”.

He has always demonstrated a sound & extensive knowledge of the world of finance & has kept me well informed about my accounts, helping me to understand different options available best suited to “grow” my personal wealth during the later years of my working life.

Ben has an easy and friendly personality which encourages trust & even though we have never met, I have come to look upon Ben more as a personal friend & friend to my entire family, than just a financial advisor. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Ben to anyone seeking friendly, reliable financial advice, someone to trust with their finances and to partner with either in the long or short term. I cannot thank Ben enough for all the help he has given me & wish him continued success in the future, I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Ken Mansell Ken Mansell

Ben has been providing us with practical advice now for over ten years. We like his straightforward approach and his understanding of what makes us tick! Ben’s advice has always been sound and his financial expertise has made a qualitative difference to our day to day lives. Go Ben!

Geoffrey Counsell Geoff and Eleanor Counsell

My name is John Sackson and I reside in Perth.
Adelaide based Ben Haynes has been my Financial Advisor for almost 8 years now.

The subject of Superannuation,Life Insurance and general Financial Planning can be a very complex and at times confusing,but necessary
component of life & has an enormous effect on one’s lifestyle as we age.

Before I met Ben, I personally got into some difficulty when I let my Life Insurance policy lapse and it was Ben that reached out and helped navigate my way through the key issues, implications and importantly solutions.

I had also been through a marriage break up after 25 years so it was a challenging time of my life, particularly with my young daughter to consider as well.

Ben and I have built our relationship mainly via phone over all these years, but we do meet up face to face on the occasions that I am in Adelaide on business.
I was initially very impressed by his professional, friendly & relaxed manner and his genuine efforts and care for me as a client.
He has always been proactive with his communication and is always willing to spend whatever time necessary to provide me with the best advice and service.

Critical to any relationship is Trust, and I feel that I have that in Ben.
He provides me with regular updates,explains the various options and provides his well -evaluated recommendations.

Ben in my opinion has integrity, knowledge & good communication skills & I am thankful to have him as my Financial Advisor.

I sincerely would recommend him to other people seeking professional and trustworthy financial advice.

John Sackson John Sackson

I first met Ben Haynes in June 2013 on the recommendation of a friend to provide some advice on consolidating my Superannuation and to review my financial circumstances to plan for the future i.e. Retirement.
Being a single woman and needing to plan for my retirement, it was important that I could trust a financial planner to help me set up my finances for the long-term. Upon our first meeting, Ben was very professional and very knowledgeable about all aspects of financial planning; automatically I felt at ease discussing my finances. Not having a financial background, Ben explained things in a way that I could understand and I was very confident that the advice he gave would benefit my circumstances in the long term. There was no pressure to take the advice but all alternatives were given with the pros and cons outlined.
When organising my insurances we had some problems getting Trauma Insurance initially due to pre-existing conditions but Ben worked tirelessly to negotiate the best type of insurance for me and I was very thankful for this.
When I first met my now fiancée, he was too looking to review his finances and I did not hesitate to recommend Ben to him due to the positive experience I had. Dave had a complicated superannuation plan that needed exploring which Ben did without any qualms and also reviewed Dave’s retirement and insurance plans.
Then we got married and the situation changed; Ben analysed our combined risk profile and reviewed our consolidated finances and has set up a plan so we can retire together and still do the things we have always wanted to do before retirement.
Ben didn’t just look at insurances and superannuation but reviewed all aspects. He introduced us to a mortgage broker to re-finance my home loan and now I am saving a considerable amount on home loan payments, as well as setting up a budget so we can be debt free in 10 years. He also encouraged us to review our estate planning.
Ben doesn’t just look at one aspect of financial planning but reviews all things that can impact our lives. He is interested in us as people and cares for our personal circumstances; it’s not just about the business. He is diligent and follows things up when he says he will and is very trustworthy.
We are very grateful that we have met Ben and he has taken the time to provide us with the best financial advice taking into consideration our personal circumstances, consolidation of debts and future needs. We would not hesitate to recommend him to our friends.

Eyvette and David Turner David and Eyvette Turner

Fees for Advice

Your introductory appointment is always free of charge!

In this first meeting we will discuss the services that suit your needs and the fees that go along with it. 

A true Wealth Creation strategy doesn't just stop at year 1.  It is an ever changing landscape determined by markets, personal circumstances and legislation. 

For those clients that have chosen to tread the Wealth Creation path with us, we will set out a yearly revenue target that can be made up of upfront fees, ongoing fees or possible life insurance commissions.  This revenue ensures that we are sitting down for a meeting at least yearly, multiple contact points in between and that we are able to continually adapt your strategy to new opportunities.

For our other services, we will discuss an upfront fee before going ahead with advice.  This fee will include implementation of any strategies. 

Fees will be determined on a case by case basis

Financial Planning Hub

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